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Farm Share

Find your way back to the earth in a productive and meaningful experience embedded in a heartfelt community and be rewarded by the virtue of your own hands. It beats the dickens out of a timeshare !

A Farm Share is…

… a long term connection to a real farm and its cultural community. FarmShare provides both space and full participation in all aspects of the farming process. You can raise your own steer, lamb or chickens, or participate in managing the farm’s herd. You may tend your own garden, or participate in the community garden. You may join in work projects or just stand by and observe. Build chicken or rabbit hutches and take them home, or build a tiny house – a months-long project – or create your own project. In all projects the farm folks provide guidance, skills, support and resources.

Joining this community is for folks seeking a regular and home-like connection to a small
piece of the earth, a place with all the privileges of ownership with and a palpable sense of safety.

As a member of the farm community, you choose your own time arrangement. Membership is available for a year at a time. Limited memberships are available, each a unique opportunity to have a long-term relationship in an operational farm. FarmShare provides a path back to the earth in a productive way and a chance to be part of a community that cares. FarmShare is an idea whose time has come, if only due to the turbulent times we are living in.

  • FarmShare members may create their own private garden.
  • Each member receives an annual 150 pound aliquot of grass fed beef from SSF’s herd.
  • Buy a calf and we’ll provide pasturing and winter feeding (in place of a beef aliquot).
  • Private space for one – writing, meditating, etc – in a tower with a view.
  • Schedule additional weekends as well as week-long stays throughout the year [for leaf peeping, antiquing, state fair, writing retreat, farm skills/wood splitting, hunting/  marksmanship, cross country and downhill skiing, snow shoeing, ice fishing and more].
  • Space for design and construction of projects, (tiny house !} with expert help
  • Members receive priority registration for workshops and events.

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