Stone Spirit Farm
Stone Spirit Farm
Stone Spirit Farm

Welcome to the Stone Spirit Farm

At the head of a hidden valley, embraced by forest, in a small farming community on Lake Champlain, lies The Stone Spirit Farm (SSF).  With beautiful pastures and hay lands, this retreat has re-established the old time experiences of successful grassland farming and sustainable living.

500 acres of magnificent Vermont farmland and forest constitute the central features of this elegant valley with southern exposure and hilltop protection from winter winds. Dedicated to ecological gardening, raising grass fed cattle and hay farming, we participate in the Vermont Land Trust Program to assure the farm’s preservation. Our work is integrated into the overall efforts of The Learning Collaborative’s educational contributions in the fields of eco-agriculture, sustainable living, and the influence of aesthetics on the development of human values.

Ten years of building capacity has established the farm as a productive gathering place, and provides opportunities for people young and old to learn life skills and the value of nature in supporting life. It has become a center for learners to hone their life skills toward practical living, and gain opportunities for more meaningful and self-sufficient life styles.

The farm has evolved from an aesthetic perspective which values beauty in nature. Common sense, kindness and love serve as the connection among humans and all species of plants and animals. In addition to a variety of long and short term workshops and classes, Stone Spirit Farm hosts a number of cultural and artistic events each year and focuses on the balance between human life and aesthetic/ artistic endeavors. It is home to a large collection of outdoor stone sculpture as well as other art forms.

Old time Vermont carpentry and joinery craftsmen carry out our building development projects. They kindly and carefully assist our guests in learning such skills as are useful in undertaking their own projects. Guests are invited to assist in current projects or develop their own ideas with the assistance and guidance of farm community. It is a great place to learn the practicalities of life.

SSF farming processes are ecologically sound. Our woodlands are not forested! Although we heat the houses with wood in an automated outdoor boiler, we cut no firewood.  Instead we use the trimmings from a local sawmill. And nothing is wasted.

A Brief History

The Stone family developed SSF based in the traditional practices of William G Stone, VMD. Bill was a 50-year practitioner of large animal veterinary sciences, and was a sustainable-lands farmer. SSF is about nature and its importance to humans and humanity, about ecological sustainability, best use practices, and the spirit of gratitude for the earth’s gifts. We know it to be a place that will stand the test of economic and social crises looming on the horizon.

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