Stone Spirit Farm

Why a FarmStay Holiday?

Holiday on a farm?

Yes, it’s great fun to wander the fields, see flowers that grow naturally, not planted by anyone but the forces above. Wander streambanks, unattended by gardeners, as they pool where fish and aquatic life balance their populations. Observe domestic and wild animal life and study its impact on the land. And talk with farmers.

To know what makes a farmer different from the rest of us…. takes involvement.

Farming requires a special relationship with nature; it teaches us about ourselves in unique ways. Community and solitary time, powerful relationships with the weather, living in accord with the seasons and the cycles of the sun, enable farmers to develop a special kind of philosophy. And provides them their own brand of relationship with themselves, and with their family and friends.

Farmstay guests join the farmer’s circle.

At Stone Spirit Farm, we raise cattle, hay, and vegetables – all of which seem to raise themselves…we just need to get them started. Chickens make their own living, while goats get into trouble, and pigs figure out the easiest way to live their lives.

The whole process is astoundingly educational.

Farmers are generous by nature and believe it is useful to experience the processes that provide food and life’s energy. SSF invites farmstay guests to enjoy their holiday nurturing both body and soul…it’s a special place.

Join us to make a difference in your life.


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